Are you a Giver or a Taker?

canadian keynote speaker jaime leal photoSome people come into your life to give, to share, to give you things and good times, while others come into your life to take, to receive, to absorb good energy from you and motivation to succeed.

I call first type of people “Givers” They like to share their good times with you, feed you energy while they also enrich theirs from your own, they bring good times to your life, happiness, satisfaction, and are always concerned about helping you be better. These are people who come to deliver, provide each other and are happy doing it.

The second group of people, “Takers” are people who are actually expecting to take something from you, to receive, share what is yours for their benefit

Neither is necessarily bad people, however we generate expectations that simply some of them are not going to be able to meet, on one hand those who we have called “Givers” will find difficulty in taking something from you, many times they will refuse when you want to help them and even could get to make you feel that they simply do not need you, they are there to give, remember?

Meanwhile, the group of people whom we have chosen to call “takers” seek you only when they need something, they would seem extremely interested, and sometimes might make you feel that they are only there for their convenience, their nature is to take what they need.

As I mentioned previously, none of the two personalities is necessarily bad, however many times we ourselves generate different expectations to which these people can meet, hopefully one whose nature is to “take”, suddenly begins to “give” and vice versa. This is one of the issues that I most frequently encounter as the root of the “problems” in personal relationships and organizations, which I cover in the processes of Coaching or either through my Conferences and Workshops.

To generate different expectations to which people can fulfill is a perfect formula for disappointment, disappointment comes from unmet expectations, the same expectations that we build up multiple times without even really getting to know the person we’re dealing with.

With this in mind it is important to understand that some of the people around you today are there just to take something from you, while others are there to provide, neither of them is necessarily a bad person, but some just do not comply with the expectations we have of them, as you certainly will not fulfill the expectations someone else might have of you sometime. It is part of life and we are all part of it, after all, there’s a saying: ‘We are the others, from the others. – And when we criticize we must also keep in mind that anyone can criticize us with the same right as we do.

Understanding the type of people you have around you is a great way to avoid disappointment.

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Jaime Leal

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