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Are you at the pinnacle of your executive career and as a result, feel disconnected from the world? As a victim of kidnapping and a humanitarian relief volunteer in hotspots around the globe, I help executives spearhead grassroots initiatives that gives them greater meaning.

Many coaches and speakers have life changing moments that dramatically alter who they are. Jaime Leal is no exception. However his life changing moment was something so incredibly rare that most people will never go through it, nor will they ever know anyone who has ever been in the same situation.

Jaime Leal was kidnapped and held for ransom for seven days in his native Mexico. He admits that he made it through the ordeal by being able to remain calm, even when sitting face-to-face with a danger that most victims never make it home from.

Once Jaime arranged to have the ransom delivered, he set out to rebuild his business. He has not only done it once, but with three different businesses in two countries. He is a Certified Life Coach(1998). He is a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP) (1999) MindSonar Technician (2012) as well as an internationally recognized Keynote Speaker.

“Change,” he says, “is not the enemy. Uncertainty is.” If you can openly embrace change, you’ll never be shaken by the obstacles put in your path, facing uncertainty? Jaime can certainly help you turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Ask yourself:

Will you wait until you have a life-threatening experience (Heart attack, Diabetes, Stroke, accident, etc.) to connect to what’s important?

Are you so afraid of uncertainty and lack of control that you end up doing nothing?

Do you suffer “paralysis by analysis”?

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