In the eye of a storm: How Real Leaders Deal with Crisis.

After being kidnapped at gunpoint, Jaime Leal, a well established business owner and television host, rapidly learned how to handle a crisis without losing his cool.  His life depended on it.  In the end, he arranged for a ransom and was released unharmed.  But not unchanged.  Jaime applied the wisdom he acquired under pressure to rebuild his highly successful business and now shares what he’s learned both from crisis and in business-building with audiences around the world.

He now knows that change is not the enemy, uncertainty is, and a skill that today’s top leaders have mastered is the ability to face and even embrace change.  Jaime shares real stories of leaders who’ve turned obstacles upside down in order to take their organizations and their teams to brand new heights.

  • Handle those sudden storms that spring up without losing your cool
  • Focus on and expand the opportunity that every adversity brings
  • Become a true leader by developing your real strength and inner wisdom
  • Learn to live in and stay on top of a world that’s always in motion
  • Expect more from yourself and your team.  Always.

Front Runner: Make your business an Industry leader

In Jaime Leal’s experience, there’s one main thing that separates leaders from the rest of the pack and that is leaders don’t make excuses.  They are accountable, not only for their own actions as well as their teams and their organization’s performance.

Let’s face it; we all are experts in solving someone else’s problems but when it comes to facing our own challenges we become great at finding excuses.
Jaime created and uses this seven step process to transform excuses into goals and problems into solutions; this simple yet powerful system works every time makes each team member a leader and accountable for the success of the organization.  A ‘no more excuses’ policy will turn your organization into an industry leader.

  • Create a no-excuses environment
  • Model accountability for your team
  • Give each team member their full share of responsibility
  • Discover the five attributes that leading businesses share
  • Base your leadership on the principle of trust



Modern Day Miracle: Love in Action

Follow Jaime on a journey through a series of inexplicable “coincidences” he encountered while serving as a humanitarian relief volunteer in one of this century’s most devastating disasters, Jaime walks the talk on this enriching keynote while the audience discovers how full of modern miracles our life is.

  • Realize that golden opportunities are all around us
  • Find the joy in crisis or disaster
  • Appreciate the ability we all have to help others in a crisis