Emotional Paycheck: “Semantic attenuation and systematic desensitization”

While emotional paycheck semantic attenuation and systematic desensitizationthe process of change in an organization can be initiated by a change in the speech, proper monitoring is important for this change to have a positive impact on the actions and overall culture of the organization, otherwise it will fall into what I call, “Semantic Attenuation and Systematic Desensitization” what is this? Here’s a small example.

In a company, it is decided that the style of leadership they have been promoting is no longer efficient, they wish to change it and begin to impart a series of leadership workshops, coaching and related issues in the organization, as a result of these, they make the decision to remove the word “boss” from their vocabulary, from now on, they will call them “Coaches” and there will be no more “employees” now everyone will be called “Associate”, “Team member” or “Collaborator”

It is certainly a remarkable effort, however, weeks pass by and the new “Coaches” are showing the same behavior towards the new “Collaborators”, the latter remain without receiving an increase in important aspects to feel as “Collaborators” and not “Employees” there is no change of responsibilities, there’s no increase in the emotional check.

Day by day they see how their skills and preparation are not fully exploited, they feel they could be doing more for the organization, plus they find there is a sense of uncertainty that prevails daily and keeps them with a resume on the Internet for the undesirable case that it might be required, as if this was not enough, the relationship with their supervisor is becoming more harsh, there is no good communication. The result? A team that hates being “Collaborator” and does not believe in “Coaching”

Did anything change?, Are they truly collaborators? Is their “Boss” a Coach? Definitely not, this is another case of semantic attenuation and systematic desensitization, the leaders of the organization say that coaching does not work, that employees do not respond and that they will have to change the strategy, they will be choosing new semantic concepts to be used in a superficial way, which when not being implemented once more will eventually become a new semantics attenuation and another link in the long chain of systematic desensitization we have been creating.

What do we systematically disregard? Daily (genuine) Kindness, effective communication of benefits for team members, the certainty with regard to employment, the relationship between leaders and the rest of the team, the organizational culture, a nice and safe working place, the sense of belonging to something bigger than one individual, independence in decision making, an attractive retirement plan, in short, all those factors that increase the emotional paycheck and allow the real transformation from employees to collaborators.

To learn more about how to measure and increase the emotional paycheck of your team,please kindly contact me, after all, deep down we both know that money does not buy happiness, but a team of happy people can make much more than money. My name is Jaime Leal and I’m the guy you call when you want to give your people a raise with out affecting the budget.

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