Inspiring Change

Canadian Speaker Jaime Leal - Change


Everything Changes in an Instant

I was living the dream; my business was thriving, I lived in the house of my dreams, and I travelled around the world to do what I loved – help people make good change happen. It took only the blink of an eye to put my entire life’s work – and my life – in jeopardy.

In that blink, I was kidnapped at gunpoint and held for one week until I arranged for the ransom to be paid. I was released unharmed but not unchanged, for I learned how to handle a crisis without losing my cool.

Highly motivational, thrilling and thought-provoking, this keynote always brings the audience to the edge of their seats.

Presentation Overview

During this dramatic keynote, I share the stages of change that I went through during my ordeal. I provide practical advice and crisis management wisdom to leaders as well as implementable strategies on how to help good change happen both personally and professionally. I share how to:

  • handle sudden storms without losing your cool
  • become a true leader by developing inner strength and inner wisdom
  • stay on top of a world that’s always in motion
  • understand how change can help you and your team to thrive when others fail
  • expect more from yourself and your team

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