Inspiring Happiness

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The Power of Small Contribution

As a humanitarian relief volunteer in Haiti after one of this century’s most devastating disasters, I witnessed the strength and hope of others as they struggled to overcome a seemingly insurmountable task. Their courage taught me about the need for inner strength so that I could help them face their challenges.

Enriching and inspiring, the audience will be taken on an exhilarating and unforgettable journey of discovery on how disasters can be overcome and modern day miracles can happen.

Presentation overview

During this keynote, I deliver reasons, tools and resources for staying motivated under difficult circumstances and explore the benefits of connecting with the people around you. This keynote boost the energy level of any event and the audience is empowered to face every new challenge with renewed optimism. I share how to:

  • realize that golden opportunities are all around us
  • solve problems by helping others solve theirs
  • discover joy and hope even in crisis or disaster
  • find happiness and learn how it goes hand-in-hand with success

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