Interview at CHTV

To fear is human, asking people not to feel afraid is somehow asking them not to be human; In the other hand, we have to admit, fear is one powerful motivator and yet can be paralyzing.

Fear is not the problem, what you do with it, how we handle it as a society, the way we embrace fear and the response we offer when we encounter it, that’s what makes the difference between using fear and fear using us.

In a situation like this (Boston Bombing) it is understandable to be afraid, but we have to admit that instilling fear is precisely the  goal of every terrorist attack, if we let fear conquer us, we lose, if we use fear as a tool to connect more and better, to respond effectively and implement any needed changes, then we win.

Connect with your neighbor, yes, even though you haven’t said hello in ages, you still have one.
Talk about how you feel, not to instill fear but to find closure, sharing is important.
Hold enriching conversations, not only about how you feel but also about what you aim for.

It’s all about connecting, listening and validating the person in front of you. Next you will find the video of an interview of the CHTV last week.

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Turning Off Terror

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