Selling 360º

SONY DSCHave you noticed how similar your clients’ personalities are? Did you know in a sales team, some executives will only sell to a certain type of clients? Have you ever wondered how the Pareto principle repeats once and again making 20% of the sales team bring 80% of the revenue to the company? Well, it happens for a reason, they are not selling 360º.

Selling 360º enables the selling professional to improve her/his communication assisting them successfully communicate their message to people, leading to more sale conversions and more happy clients!

Does that sound like something you and your company would benefit from?

Selling is nothing more than communication with a conscious intention. The better the communicator, the better will be the probabilities of selling the products. Unfortunately mostly we only communicate what we find important, what we, ourselves, consider relevant about our service, product or idea, often forgetting that people won’t always be aligned with those ideas, so they will not buy your product.

How Can You Get Benefit from ‘Selling 360º’?

  • More sale conversions through better communication
  • Understand the usage of Graves and Metaprograms to improve “punch” in your speech and promotional material.
  • Improve your communication expertise and drives more sales through selling 360º

You can download a .PDF with more information about Selling 360º here