Team Building

 Transit Dept.

Team Building Toronto 2 transit deptEveryone is an expert at solving someone else’s problems. Your team will learn all about innovation, communication and change by solving the problems of our fictional Transportation Department.

The issues can only be solved if people are creative, work together and communicate clearly. Do those sound like good skills for your team to apply to your current work challenges? This fun game reaps benefits within your own culture for months and years to come.

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Noise or Music

team building toronto 3 noise or musicIf you are looking to shake things up Noise or Music is the workshop for you. This powerful session ensures your team finds their tempo, recognizes their role as part of a larger organization. Your employees will learn how to deliver their message as music, rather than as noise. Duration: 60-120 minutes (earplugs not provided!)

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Lunch & Learn

team building 4 canadaYou need a powerful and interactive session to energize and align your team, but time is limited. Our lunch and learn sessions are dynamic, exciting and meaningful.

Duration: 15-30 minutes

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Tailor made

Team Building Toronto 1 tailor madeYou may want us to design specific dynamics and activities to specially fit your event, we can work indoor or outdoor, from 1 hour to 3 days, everything to help you make your event  a whole success.

There are hundreds of options and thousands of possible combinations to find the dynamic that better fits your event and succeed at getting that important message across the audience in a fun and different way.

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Ice Breakers

We all know that the mind is like a Parachute; it is far more effective when it opens! Bring me to your next meeting and I will provide a 10-15 minutes icebreaker about any of the topics below. These will boost people’s performances, creativity, and awareness for the meeting.

Some of the icebreakers may also include a brief story-telling exercise.

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