Emotional Paycheck

YGv - Congreso MindSonar Day - 2016 - 1248What is the Emotional Paycheck…

Regardless of the industry and the market we nurture, we all receive two different “paychecks”, the first one is the economic paycheck, we all love it, it comes in dollars or euros or any other currency but it is ready to be transformed into whatever we consider important, the second paycheck is different, it is made out of emotions, expectations, engagement, security and instead of being ready to be transformed it has to be delivered ready to be consumed, there´s no savings account for that one, it has to be delivered constantly and consistently to make it work, that’s the emotional paycheck.

Did you know that seven out of ten people who quit their job, they are really quitting their boss?, think of all the money, time and resources it takes to fill that position, not mentioning the impact that has in the rest of the team, people quitting their boss is a clear sign of a low emotional paycheck.

Would you like to reduce turnover and absenteeism?

  • 51% less turn-over – Gallup
  • 66% less absenteeism -Forbes

Are you fighting to reduce accidents?

  • 50% less accidents –Babcock

Would you like to increase sales?

  • 37% more sales –Shawn Archor

Are you willing to improve organizational climate and reduce the possibility of “burn-out”?

  • 125% less “burn-out” –Harvard Business Review